NEU China 2016 Recap




NEU China Night

Nova Heart



Pitchtuner feat. Rocky Storm

Metro Tokyo

JULY 14th @ Ritter Butzke,Berlin

Join us for a night where the psych-disco darlings of the Chinese indie scene NOVA HEART (signed to Staatsakt in Berlin and FakeMusicMedia (FMM) / FakeLoveMusic (FLM) in Beijing) and the middle kingdoms hottest hip hop ambassador J-FEVER meet some of Berlin´s best looking, monstrously musical, and China-seasoned electronic music artist PITCHTUNER (presenting a brand new set feat ROCKY STORM) and RODION, formerly Italian vodoo beat magician and Nova Heart producer. Berlin/Beijing resident and FakeLoveMusic + NEU China co-founder METRO TOKYO will open up the night with some chill tunes.

Come early for sitting in the sun, having talks with some of China´s most interesting startup entrepeneurs from VR, via the Makers Movement and specialists in boutique travel, enjoy a special chinese BBQ and listen to stories about and music from China, that you will not be able to hear anywhere else.

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FakeMusicMedia was founded as a music agency 2008 in Beijing by (music-) journalist and manager Philipp Grefer and media personality + singer Helen Feng(MTV, CCTV, Hit FM, CRI, NOVA HEART etc) to provide artist services.   Since then, FMM has held over 200 events & tours all over China and brought artists such as HOT CHIP, CSS, KELE OKEREKE (Bloc Party), NICK ZINNER (YeahYeahYeahs), BONAPARTE, JEANS TEAM etc. to Asia while building up domestic artists like NOVA HEART or SHAO internationally and organized M.A.D. (Music And Design) Fest from 2012-2014.





Pilot Music & Tech was transformed from Pilot Records which was founded in 2006. Now, it has become one of the leading companies in the new generation of the music industry. Pilot has become an international musical group which runs the whole industrial chain including music promotion, artist management, production services, app development, event promotion, organizing and , music festival organizing, music integrated marketing and music education.